Showcase VC

Showcasing the power of graphic expression through a multilayered composition

Each year the Visual Communication department of the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) hosts an event, showcasing the students’ latest work alongside with an information event about portfolio requirements, admission process and exams.

This year’s edition, special attention had to be brought to the renaming of the department, from the German “Visuelle Kommunikation” to the new globally used English term “Visual Communication” with its new official acronym “VC”.

Skala_Showcase VC_4
Skala_Showcase VC_4

Combining the new acronym with multilayered means of expression, the letter “V” simultaneously builds an arrow and lightning. The letter “C” builds an eye and an explosion. In combination, the acronym builds an additional layer, an exclamation mark growing out of the white space of the “V” and “C”. This amalgation of symbolism in what is ultimately a simple combination of letters showcases the power of graphic expression and typography, playing with perception and negative space.